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The 7 Best Kept Secrets to Growing Your Freelance Photography Business

It's no secret that the photography market is full of competition. As a freelance photographer looking to grow your business and land your next big client, you need to build a business that will not only stand out but also outshine all the rest. More

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The top 5 apps all photographers should have

In the last five years, everyone is capturing the way they see the world. Whether it's snapping a photo on their smartphone, capturing the next magazine cover with their DSLR, or shooting travel snaps using their mirrorless, hipster cameras - photographers are EVERYWHERE!

So we've done the research to find a few ways to give you an extra edge, Apps!
"Apps!!!" You cry, "but isn't that just an Instagram filter or even a Facebook filter now?" If you scroll through any professional photographers' Insta feed or Flickr stream, apps are doing a lot to set them apart - And we aren't talking about Lightroom or Photoshop.

Here are my top 5 apps. Note they appear in order of relevance, not in order of importance. So whether you are a smartphone enthusiast or a professional photographer - You'll want to download these. More

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Top 20 Instagram Photographers to follow in 2018

Whether you need to invigorate your Instagram feed or you're looking for some photography inspiration, we've done the work for you and saved you from trawling aimlessly for hours on end. Below are our picks for the top 20 photography Instagrams. More

High-end retouch

A fantastic fashion shoot by Arekah! We had fun on this high-end retouch - Submit your own images here!

Free Photoshop FIlter

We are loving the new photoshop filter we've just created. Its perfect for a high-end finish on a fashion shoot, particularly those with blonde models.

Download and try it yourself - Free for any use

Custom Retouch

Have you ever wondered about the how much retouching goes into an advertisement? We take you into Photoshop and show you the fast motion version of the process from start to finish.