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At Pilothouse, we're passionate about images and pride ourselves on our diverse skills and ability to enhance any image that comes our way. We can perform high-end fashion retouching for magazines and advertising, retouch wedding photos or family portraits, and even restore aging or damaged images to their former glory. Check out our retouch packages below, or get in touch with us to learn how we can help you.

high end advertising retouching
Advertising & Editorial

For professional and semi-professional photographers or agencies, we offer high-end fashion, advertising and editorial retouching options to suit every need. View our packages to learn more.

Real Estate Retouching

We can help your real estate and architectural images stand out in an overcrowded market by giving them a sleek, professional look that grabs the viewer's attention. View our packages to learn more.

product retouching
Product Retouching

Whether you have fragrances, jewelry, electronics or clothing, your sales will depend largely on the quality of your product images. We can get your images to the next level. View our packages to learn more.

photo restoration
Photo Restoration

Do you have precious family photos that are torn, stained, faded and looking old? We can restore your images and make them look great again. View our packages to learn more.

Wedding Retouching

Wedding photos are forever, so why shouldn't they be perfect? If you'd like to remove wrinkles and stray hairs, fix makeup, or slim down, we can help. View our packages to learn more.

Portrait Retouching

Our portrait service is perfect for both professional and amateur images. We remove the imperfections and provide you with stunning, true-to-life portraits. View our packages to learn more.

Can't find a package to suit your specific needs? No problem! Contact us today. We'd love to hear from you!